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Posted on 06/12/2018
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Daily Bulletin
Tuesday, 6/12/2018

​GOOD MORNING BENGALS!  It’s a Great Day at Woodlake Valley Middle School.

Good Morning Bengals!  Please stand for the flag salute and remain standing for the morning announcements.  Hand over your heart, eye on a star, showing respect the entire time; ready; SALUTE  

Today’s Brunch:  Yogurt, graham, juice, and apple

Today’s Lunch:    It’s Taco Tuesday and we’re having crunchy beef tacos with cabbage and cheese, refried beans, fresh salsa, and mixed fruit.

We are on an even schedule today.  You will go to periods 2, 4, 6, and 8. 

If you have lost anything during the school year, please come check out the lost and found.  All unclaimed items will be donated to Charity.

The afterschool program will be having snack in their building for the rest of the week.  Do not go to the cafeteria.

Yesterday you all heard the speeches of some outstanding young leaders of Woodlake Valley Middle School. Today we are announcing the results! For the 2018-2019 school year, your 7th grade representatives will be Evan Bolanos and Allison Sandoval.  Manroop Turna will serve as secretary, along with her co-secretary Allison Sandoval.  Because of a tie, your co-vice presidents will be Diego Renteria and Aiyanna Castillo. Leading our student body next year will be....drum roll please... Devani Renteria!  Serving on the Leadership team will be Legna Arnold, Victoria Zisumbo, Paige Perez, Xavier Urtiz, Anahi Sanchez, Jessica Henderson, and Meleny Cortez.  Because so many people ran, it was an incredibly tight race. We are excited to serve Woodlake Valley Middle School next year. It’s going to be a fantastic school year.  Congratulations to all!  

Thank you Bengals and have a great day at Woodlake Valley Middle School where we show PRIDE

Upcoming Events:

6/1    Attendance Pool Party

6/5    Staff Meeting

6/6    Zero Period PO

6/6    7th Grade to Fresno Zoo

6/7    5th Grade Visit

6/7    8th Grade Academic Awards

6/8    8th Grade Civil War Day

6/8    Last Zero Period PE

6/12  Yearbook Assembly

6/12  8th Grade pool party and BBQ

6/13  8th Grade BBQ & Play Day

6/13  RFEP Celebration

6/14  Last Day of School/Promotion Ceremony


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